LCC3 live relay (12 translations)
English:Standing on the island's shore, Drifting off to sea. I wish that I could be, Drifting off to sea. All of my hopes and dreams, Drifting off to sea. I watch my lover's boat, Drifting off to sea.
Soc'ul': Āhsetneylac meven auj, Āhaixai xec'en je. Suc'ualjíý āhc'e, Āhaixai xec'en je. Un' ez'e c'ualjí ez'e c'ualai jutxux, Āhaixai xec'en je. Sehuc'zi r'úvnad huriaduóc, Āhaixai xec'en je.
#1: Starlings' song (10 translations)
English:The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds In the morning rain the heron does its laundry In the night the lark worships the stars Who sees the true nature of birds?
Soc'ul': Aíxauc aiauñ' tiuiciu āhun' ez'e jí t'acñ'o hed' Añ'jen' bur'ce tsed' cuzad julzidum eý Ñ'aimiuei minīm jena tum'ay eý Xen úxuc' suiux xaúx?
#5: From the book of chaos (5 translations)
English:Recite the book of the primal chaos: The essence of the sea of chaos is contending things, so that they remain still, and do not move. When a magician dips from this sea, the chaos begins to move very much. Beautiful chaos! Thou art full of endless bits of information; thou art the world.
Soc'ul': Cuxañ'c'oi xaucñ'a cem'am' xem'utsem: Uxahian suiad xec'en cem'am', āhusuxad, xen ur'u. Xil eý āhañ'catuñiý epmux jál xec'en xenuz, r'ez añ'r'u r'u cem'am'. Cem'am' n'eh! Úutxadiz róc'ád' xenuym'en; coríún' muc'uj.
#6 (6 translations)
English:Concerning the Stars. There are four types of stars. The name of the first is walking stars, because they wander the night sky. The name of the second is stationary stars. They are distant suns. The name of the third is dying, or falling, stars. They are rocks that fall from the night sky. The name of the fourth is foreign stars. They are the stars that appear for a short time in the night sky. They are suns of worlds whom Goddess destroyed in her wrath.
Hebrew (Modern): אודות הכוכבים. ישנם ארבעה סוגים של כוכבים. הראשון מכונה הכוכבים ההולכים, כי הם נודדים בשמי הלילה. השני מוכנה הכוכבים הנייחים. הם הינם שמשות רחקות. השלישי מוכנה הכוכבים הגוועים, או הנופלים. הם הינם אבנים הנופלים משמי הלילה. הרביעי מוכנה הכוכבים הזרים. הם כוכבים המופיעים לרגע בשמי הלילה. אלו הינם שמשותיהם של עולמים אותם השמידה האלה בחמתה.
#7 (3 translations)
English:A physician is walking on the road and sees a woman, barely conscious and with her legs cut off, lying in a ditch. He approaches, hoping to help her, saying, “Don’t fear! I’ll make sure that you receive help.” The woman looks at him and said, “My husband truly needs your help.” The physician asks, “Why? Where is he?” She answers, “He’s at home, raising our three adolescent daughters.”
Toma Heylm: Davot dava dimityok ret syin yupeltem, lir tisanyik anyayu saplelis, polyelis, sof syin yupeltem. Syim ey lin yudod, lir lhom simil ey kakeli. Syin davot, sil dava misyok leftet, tisyok yuhesem. Sem tomyok tise "Lo delye mi kakrot lek! Eff delye kardyik sanya leftet myol!" Syin anya ekaril astye, lir tomil "Kitya, rhaym efim dava sokryot tamyev, sil lo delye leftyok astye." Syin davot sipelyok, "Sodra delye kre? Sem ey laya?" Syim kasot tise "Sem ey tyem sodra uyilame, lir dava tremilyok dolv salimeyu efim."
#8 (3 translations)
English:A wicked man lived near a monastery. He believed [unfoundedly] that the monks had great treasure, and covetted it. The wicked man became a policeman. One day, he accosted a monk who was returning to the monastery. "Give me your key," he said. "I want to search the monastery for any criminals who may be hiding there." The monk said, "I have no key." The wicked policeman flew into a rage [lit. hurled himself into a rage], but the monk went into the monastery through the open door.
Dacayan: Ivlys máñi manzdrjelo libam. Hi bajljim [áfundym] mongki gradys träzhrol avam, et dol koftam. Ivlys máñi politzymáñosa. A'dago, hi mongkol veri manzdrje báxö akszjam. "Kjol gebejó!" zagam hi. "Mi manzdrjol krimnjorol verol jero hidjam saczczamin." Mongki zagam, "Kjol áñ." Ivlys politzymáñi hoj ravzhine orlim, nejý mongki manzdrje abröl törejo kajam.
#9: Borromean Relay (10 translations)
English:Winter is the wolf that takes the old, the sick, and the very young Winter is the hard rock on which nothing grows Winter is the cruel beak and the sharp talon And so we beg you, bounding boy of spring, dance over the earth So that the sun your mother will look down upon us And flowers will spring from your footsteps.
Tallfellow: Hares umbur horwen u rondlobro efahe, erelni ir eremund Hares umbur sarm ebi nung wonul witor le Hares umbur gapwo belgo grilalil ir tron digor sul Gwéro ar breron emb, er pibin falim brelengil, imo emb wan bringul ferb ronri Imo safer, birm lem, wan malur ar balo ir Ebrel wan wiri esombirumb leng.
#10: Olympic Relay (9 translations)
English:Beware of the baby! O dear, what's happened? Yesterday, a pretty young girl came to our home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with it, sung songs for it, etc. But nevertheless, the baby attacked her, tore her into pieces, devoured her, and it threw the rest out the window. What to do, what to do? I really don't know. And so, for the time being, we keep the affair silent, in order to prevent the police from starting to ask annoying questions.
Tallfellow: Ho ismendo emundumb! Sildohar, swar rum wiri gum? Bendwimumb, roser rasir rum hengi baginó laró imo bombwes emund. Sal rum alfrofi emund lulibwemetar, sal rum durndi salumb, rum sefro esefrond saló ir eng fangore. Gropar, emund rum tabi sal, rum wigis sal, rum ramunge sal ir, sal sarmbe omahar oló bronrang. Swar ar bren nar, swar ar bren nar? Pin umbel wur dermetar. Gwéro wilmamó, ar wan ma guler swobindó imo flembi eragordil wan robro erobwir ongembumi gum.
#13: The Missed Bus Relay (4 translations)
English:One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop: A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived. I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.
Tallfellow: Lewawerumb Sambrowirumb, pin rum bomba wirimer flembimumb srid ir bagilos: Pibin, ri de fangi swibidinó brawora, de rum or wemb anglur fumrin. Bilbarumb sulng rum umbur blawi dewumb dadris ir ri pibin de rawas sal fel imblor ebrupar, bobund de rum ormi emihar. Pibin rum malur bagiros ri de flimbor im sildomo, alpar sal rum umbel iros wan hengi gum gelbohar... Blawi de rum or engombe. Lipar, sal monon lond angur pa, gur rum umbur himbri ombeg momalar gwéro, sal rum rando loturó piblin lohar tumbatar. Ri sal de rum ungro nodlihar gupar, erund sul gromb ehortomb, iros swibidinó rum hengi ingumumb. Blawi rum delmbomo wel gelbohar.
#14: Wedding (5 translations)
English:PORTIONS OF THE MARRIAGE CEREMONY (PART 1) [Now the priest will give a golden chain that he has just blessed, to one of the candidates, and the candidate will place it on the neck of the other candidate, and recite after the priest:] I [name] bind myself to you [name] from this day forward, whether in times of happiness or sadness, whether in days (full) of sun or rain, in good health or bad, wealth or poverty, and we will set forth on the course of our new life, always bound and united in soul and body. Thus I pledge to you my love and honor forever. [And the other candidate will do and recite the same] (PART 2) [Now the priest will say:] Let us pray to/call upon/ the Spirits [And everyone in attendance will say or sing:] Father Sun, shine upon their life, Sky, be always clear, Earth and Rain, help them to grow, Sister Vuruna, illuminate their nights, Brother Lalap, let your behavior toward them be good, Mother Sea, be calm when they sail on your surface, Wind, inflate their sail(s) and cool their faces, Forest, give them shade and shelter, Rock Spirits, do not obstruct their path, Little (golden) chains made of love, bind them, All you Spirits and Cousins too, guide and bless them when they set forth on their course with faith and love. May it be so, verily, may it be so forever.
Tallfellow: EBWA LOSNEWÍRO DASFEGÍMO (OLIMB LIBA) [Ingerumb wobar wan nolo dlen mar u sal rum algasi gum liba esobludwóro ir, sobludwower wan nolfer gul sobludwo hengul gingumb ir, bolnrom ri de manwes wobar:] Pin, [warel], orngo imbor embumb weléro, momerumb dalgorung mo rondlerung, ewelumb ung ha de rofimo mo wirto, merilenri rom mo gwini, endanrirn mo gapwolenri, ir gwéro, ar wan bod eberumb mwilir browilil, wonde ir ehortomb monorngo ir baram ore. Gwéro pin mater embó mowim ir slos hafiher. [Sobludwo hengul wan nar ir bolnrom gwehar lawu.] (OLIMB WERA) [Ingerumb wobar wan ma gum:] Ar ho losner Erola [Bwerahar emotengul taro wan sefro:] Safer Horm, ho sri mwiweró sle, Ha, ho or im rofimo, Roni ir Hambil, ho orno els imo witor, Boróna Meri, ho aldesri ebendir sle, Lálab Meri, ho nar larlenri romil elsumb, Resen Birm, ho orimo ri els de hornar ferb lem, Howe, ho hom elorn sle ir batimbri ewebelnd, Gelwen, ho nolo iwepwel ir bwoli els, Erola Sarm, ho weralmbamo elsumb wur, Edwenemi mar molim, ho orngo els, Renér Erola ir Emeri taro lawu, ho rati ir algasi els ingung els bod eberumb sleng, widofwim ir mowim elsumb. Ho gwehar, dermetar, ho gwehar ore.
LCC2 live relay (18 translations)
English:"The Talking Rock" Yesterday I was walking along the beach when I tripped over a rock that could talk. I picked up the talking rock and said, "Hey! Are you a talking rock?" The talking rock said, "Yes, I am a talking rock." I asked the talking rock, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?" The talking rock replied, "Because I'm a mean talking rock." The talking rock's words made me angry, so I threw it into the ocean. I never saw the talking rock again.
Soc'ul': "Xeu āhuxauc" Miu secr'u lepm mutsen ne xil eý āhcumur'yi xeu c'e āhuxauc. Curéūs xeu āhuxauc secxauc, "Cuoj! Xen cun' xeu āhuxauc?" Uxauc xeu āhuxauc, "Cual, sun' xeu āhuxauc." Cueuax xeu āhuxauc, "Xen je xen āhsocxauc socnemiats?" Unoc'uj xeu āhuxauc, "Un' je āhsun' xeu āhuxauc tumeu." Insaumu xañ'íl' xeu āhuxauc, pfi cuxeuai xec'en je. Cuuc' cuxoñ'íl cuder xeu āhuxauc.
#15: The Dancing Out Of Time Relay (5 translations)
English:A Riddle See them dance. The have no leader. They have no music but their own voices, nor have they studied any choreography. Each goes where he will. But their dance is the most graceful, the most harmonious of all dances. There are no dancers more lithe than they are. They turn and weave so that they seem to have a single mind. This seems the least difficult work for them. Do any dancers make greater beauty with less effort? But they take not a single step.
Mirexu: ifwefu n eatarbepukopu lupsia ajaelup ifwefu tidu nultitei kjeluapasep, tidu nisozhutei luapasep. pulkoa attijukwiv. ti jedeweso isewedu luapasep. ti apukop. pukowetei kjemni jutjurausapu kujufemerusap. kwipwena kjeataduirupse ti vapasesep. ti siwedu lutepu reapasep. tigi kjeankehisepi tia anatjurausadep. pulok femeruresapu kjedarauresapu tameluskisuresapu aletamlusap.
#16: the Ithkuil Relay (8 translations)
English:Those who try to limit basic standards of moral conduct to religious observances and theologies are fighting a losing battle. The human spirit is too needy and too vigorous to be kept in shackles.
Soc'ul': Xañ' āhýoc' je jál āhcarúz āhr'eíxtxe xeu xem'en ez'e jí xíc' āhun' ez'e aji miuei ez'e exú miuei éy. Ujiljí ucéuxjí cuder' cuder' muzr'u cou āhuréuziý pfemiex eý je.
LCC4 live relay (6 translations)
English: "The Disrespectful Goat" A beautiful woman was riding across a bridge when she was stopped by a goat. "O beautiful woman!" said the goat. "You please me. I wish to marry you." The woman laughed. "Why would you want to marry me? You don't even know my name." "Your name?" asked the goat. "I didn't ask about your name: I asked you to marry me. What is your answer?" "This is my answer," said the woman who sliced the goat's head off with her arakh. The goat's head, lying on the bank, then said, " that a yes?"
Soc'ul': "Maý Xen Āhañ'coz" Miu nei nál n'eh jeiñuas ne xil eý āhhanyextxaý maý. Añ'xauc maý "Cuoj nál n'eh!" "Coraicojíax. Socxeý socméuitx." Lēl nál. "Xen je uc' āhcorxeý corméuitx? Xen xen corc'uai taitu." Añ'euax maý "Taitu hej?" "Xen soceuax taitu: Soceuax corméuitx. Xen xad ez'e noc'uj nej?" Xauc nál āhhanteudi coil maý āhjí arakh "Un' jál noc'uj en." C'ez iyxauc coil maý, āhiysuíz meven, "Ē... xen cual?"