Translation of "#5: From the book of chaos" (Relay)

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Original: Recite the book of the primal chaos: The essence of the sea of chaos is contending things, so that they remain still, and do not move. When a magician dips from this sea, the chaos begins to move very much. Beautiful chaos! Thou art full of endless bits of information; thou art the world.
Cuxañ'c'oi xaucñ'a cem'am' xem'utsem: Uxahian suiad xec'en cem'am', āhusuxad, xen ur'u. Xil eý āhañ'catuñiý epmux jál xec'en xenuz, r'ez añ'r'u r'u cem'am'. Cem'am' n'eh! Úutxadiz róc'ád' xenuym'en; coríún' muc'uj.
2>CL5-recite book chaos primal
CL5>CL5-contend essence sea chaos REL-CL5>CL5-be_still NEG CL5>CL5-move
short_time at REL-CL3>CL3-dip-PASS magician DEM sea from INCH CL3>CL3-move REDUP chaos
chaos beautiful
CL5>2-fill information.PL endless COP.2>CL1 world