Translation of "#13: The Missed Bus Relay" (Relay)

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Original: One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop: A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived. I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.
Lewawerumb Sambrowirumb, pin rum bomba wirimer flembimumb srid ir bagilos: Pibin, ri de fangi swibidinó brawora, de rum or wemb anglur fumrin. Bilbarumb sulng rum umbur blawi dewumb dadris ir ri pibin de rawas sal fel imblor ebrupar, bobund de rum ormi emihar. Pibin rum malur bagiros ri de flimbor im sildomo, alpar sal rum umbel iros wan hengi gum gelbohar... Blawi de rum or engombe. Lipar, sal monon lond angur pa, gur rum umbur himbri ombeg momalar gwéro, sal rum rando loturó piblin lohar tumbatar. Ri sal de rum ungro nodlihar gupar, erund sul gromb ehortomb, iros swibidinó rum hengi ingumumb. Blawi rum delmbomo wel gelbohar.
lewa-wer-rumb    Sambrowi-rumb pin rum bomba wirim-er   flembim-umb     srid     ir  bag-ilos
morning-PROX-LOC Newfrost-LOC  1SG PST see   event-PROX area_beyond-LOC road.GEN and place_for-vehicle.GEN

pibin ri    de   fangi swibidinó  brawora     de   rum or       we-mb     anglur   fumrin
boy   while PROG go    school.ALL certain.ADV PROG PST be_still front-LOC wall.GEN garden.GEN

bilba-rumb   sul-ng          rum umbur blawi dewumb dadris
shoulder-LOC 3SG.ANIMATE-LOC PST be    cat   red    huge

ir  ri    pibin de   rawas sal         fel         imblor   ebrupar
and while boy   PROG shake 3SG.ANIMATE surface.ABL self.GEN try_to

bobund   de   rum ormi    emihar
creature PROG PST balance clever.ADV

pibin rum malur bag-iros          ri    de   flimbor im  sildo-mo
boy   PST watch place_for-vehicle while PROG exceed  INF sad-behave

alpar   sal         rum umbel iros    wan hengi gum gelbohar
because 3SG.ANIMATE PST know  vehicle FUT come  now probably

blawi de   rum or       engombe
cat   PROG PST be_still completely

lipar sal         monon lond    angur pa 
once  3SG.ANIMATE touch paw.GEN wall  but

gur           rum umbur himbri ombeg momalar    gwéro
3SG.INANIMATE PST be    cold   too   apparently this.ABL

sal         rum rando  loturó       piblin  lohar tumbatar
3SG.ANIMATE PST return backpack.ALL boy.GEN again quick.ADV

ri    sal         de   rum ungro nodlihar        gupar   
while 3SG.ANIMATE PROG PST sot   comfortable.ADV now.ADV

er-und sul             gro-mb     e-hortomb
PL-leg 3SG.ANIMATE.GEN bottom-LOC PL-body_part

iros    swibidinó  rum hengi ing-um-umb
vehicle school.ALL PST come  time-DIST-LOC

blawi rum delmbo-mo               wel gelbohar
cat   PST interesting-spend_time  day probably