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Former names:Ulmiric, Ulmirian
Background:The language of the Ulmir, the race of men in the Kingdom of Torulmir in the world of Álim. It evolved from Turniric, the proto language taught to them by the Turnir, deities from the eastern isles beyond the Black Ocean (Mirtú).
Greeting:Harin Ogad!
Vocabulary size:NA
From earth:no
Averageness:45/100, 11 of 24
Number of features:24
Tags:artlang, fantasy, inflecting, a priori, celtic, goidelic
Editable by all:no
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Added:2012-10-30 18:37
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  1. On May 4, 2013, 6:09 p.m., Fauxlosophe wrote:
    Being a priori, this should probably be tagged pseudo-celtic or something along those lines.