Features for Nyan Myat

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Vowel Quality Inventories WALS Small (2-4)
Fixed Stress Locations WALS Initial
Absence of Common Consonants WALS All present


Fusion of Selected Inflectional Formatives WALS Exclusively isolating
Locus of Marking in the Clause WALS No marking
Locus of Marking in Possessive Noun Phrases WALS No marking
Locus of Marking: Whole-language Typology WALS Zero-marking
Prefixing vs. Suffixing in Inflectional Morphology WALS Little affixation
Syncretism in Verbal Person/Number Marking WALS No subject person/number marking

Nominal Categories

Number of Genders WALS None

Verbal Categories

Perfective/Imperfective Aspect WALS Grammatical marking

Word Order

Order of Subject, Object and Verb WALS VOS
Order of Subject and Verb WALS VS
Order of Object and Verb WALS VO


Conlang type Artlang


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