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Internal name:Khangaþyagon
Author(s):Pete Bleackley
Background:Khangaþyagon was the original language of a fantasy world called Huna, (meaning "world") and originally didn't have a name. As other languages diverged from it, they lost their magical power, and so wizards preserved its use. The name means "magic language
Greeting:iðuzhalt ya sarmneye
Vocabulary size:2000
From earth:no
Averageness:70/100, 85 of 120
Number of features:120
Tags:agglutinating, fictional, artistic, fantasy, magic, vso
Editable by all:yes
Added by:PeteTheMadScientist 2
Managed by:PeteTheMadScientist 2
Added:2008-06-17 10:51
Last change:2008-08-03 13:30


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