Features for Kumiko

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Consonant Inventories WALS Moderately large
p pʲ pʷ b bʲ bʷ t tʲ tʷ d dʲ dʷ k kʲ kʷ ɡ ɡʲ ɡʷ m mʲ mʷ n nʲ nʷ ɾ ɾʲ ɾʷ f fʲ fʷ v vʲ vʷ s sʲ sʷ d͡z d͡zʲ d͡zʷ t͡s t͡sʲ t͡sʷ ɕ ɕᶣ t͡ɕ t͡ɕᶣ d͡ʑ d͡ʑᶣ ʂ ʂʷ ʈ͡ʂ ʈ͡ʂʷ ɖ͡ʐ ɖ͡ʐʷ h ç ʍ j ɥ w wʲ
Vowel Quality Inventories WALS Large (7-14)
a i u e ə o ɔ z̩ ʐ̩
Consonant-Vowel Ratio WALS Average
Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives WALS In both plosives and fricatives
Voicing and Gaps in Plosive Systems WALS None missing in /p t k b d g/
Uvular Consonants WALS Uvular continuants only
Glottalized Consonants WALS No glottalized consonants
Lateral Consonants WALS /l/, no obstruent laterals
The Velar Nasal WALS No velar nasal
Vowel Nasalization WALS Contrast absent
Front Rounded Vowels WALS High only
Syllable Structure WALS Simple
Tone WALS No tones
Fixed Stress Locations WALS No fixed stress
Weight-Sensitive Stress WALS Unbounded: Stress can be anywhere
Weight Factors in Weight-Sensitive Stress Systems WALS No weight
Rhythm Types WALS No rhythmic stress
Absence of Common Consonants WALS All present
Presence of Uncommon Consonants WALS None


Fusion of Selected Inflectional Formatives WALS Exclusively isolating
Exponence of Selected Inflectional Formatives WALS No case
Inflectional Synthesis of the Verb WALS 0-1 category per word
Locus of Marking in the Clause WALS No marking
Locus of Marking in Possessive Noun Phrases WALS No marking
Locus of Marking: Whole-language Typology WALS Zero-marking
Prefixing vs. Suffixing in Inflectional Morphology WALS Little affixation
Reduplication WALS No productive reduplication
Case Syncretism WALS No case marking
Syncretism in Verbal Person/Number Marking WALS No subject person/number marking

Nominal Categories

Number of Genders WALS None
Sex-based and Non-sex-based Gender Systems WALS No gender
Systems of Gender Assignment WALS No gender

Word Order

Order of Adjective and Noun WALS Adjective-Noun
Order of Demonstrative and Noun WALS Demonstrative-Noun
Position of Polar Question Particles WALS In either of two positions
Order of Negative Morpheme and Verb WALS [Neg-V]


Hand and Arm WALS Different
Finger and Hand WALS Different
Numeral Bases WALS Decimal
Green and Blue WALS Green vs. blue
Red and Yellow WALS Red vs. yellow
Tea WALS Words derived from Sinitic cha


Writing Systems WALS Alphasyllabic
Para-Linguistic Usages of Clicks WALS Other or none


Conlang type Engelang


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