Features for Kostakan

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Consonant Inventories WALS Moderately small
NASALS: /m n/
PLOSIVES: /p t k p' t' k'/
FRICATIVES: /f s x f' s' x'/
LATERALS: /ɬ ɬ'/
AFFRICATES: /tɬ tɬ'/
Vowel Quality Inventories WALS Average (5-6)
UNROUNDED: /i e a/
ROUNDED: /u ɔ/

There are no diphthongs.
Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives WALS No voicing constrast
Voicing and Gaps in Plosive Systems WALS Other
Uvular Consonants WALS None
Glottalized Consonants WALS Ejectives only
Lateral Consonants WALS No /l/, but lateral obstruents
The Velar Nasal WALS No velar nasal
Vowel Nasalization WALS Contrast absent
Front Rounded Vowels WALS None
Syllable Structure WALS Moderately complex
Any consonant may start a syllable, but only D, G, L, M, N, W, Y, and Z may end a syllable. 

A consonant is required to start a syllable unless there is a consonant in the coda. 

There must be a vowel in the coda, behind the possible final consonant.

Tone WALS No tones
Fixed Stress Locations WALS No fixed stress
Weight-Sensitive Stress WALS Unbounded: Stress can be anywhere
Weight Factors in Weight-Sensitive Stress Systems WALS Long vowel or coda consonant
Rhythm Types WALS Undetermined


Hand and Arm WALS Different
Finger and Hand WALS Different
Numeral Bases WALS Decimal


Writing Systems WALS Alphasyllabic
Para-Linguistic Usages of Clicks WALS Other or none


Conlang type Artlang


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