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The twitter login problem is harder to fix than expected

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. No pattern has emerged as of yet, so this will take some time and luck to fix.

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Something's up with twitter logins..

This will be looked into later today. In the meanwhile, if you have registered an email address, you can reset the password (see at the bottom of the login page and log in the old-fashioned way.

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2019-05-27 06:40 New translation of "#1: Starlings' song" into Tallfellow by Enrique Gamez

Sefrond emaslong swimbe enawir frono Lewarumb hambilumb randundin mubam enerme Bendirumb borng losner erelen Swend bomba ersleni dermend frumblund?

sefrond e-mas<l>ong      swimbe   e-nawir frono
song    PL-starling<GEN> describe PL-deed heroic

lewa-rumb   hambil-umb randundin mubam e-nerme
morning-LOC rain-LOC   heron     wash  PL-clothing

bendir-umb borng losner  er-elen
night-LOC  lark  worship PL-star

swend bomba      ersleni  dermend frumb<l>und
who   understand identity true    bird<GEN>

The song of the starlings speaks of heroic deeds In the morning rain the heron does its laundry In the night the lark worships the stars Who sees the true nature of birds?

2019-05-27 04:55 New translation of "#10: Olympic Relay" into Tallfellow by Enrique Gamez

Ho ismendo emundumb! Sildohar, swar rum wiri gum? Bendwimumb, ros rasir rum hengi baginó laró imo malur emund. Sal rum alfrofi emund lulibwemetar, sal rum durndi salumb, rum sefro esefrond saló ir eng fangore. Gropar, emund rum tabi sal, rum wigis sal, rum ramunge sal ir, sal sarmbe omahar oló bronrang. Swar ar bren nar, swar ar bren nar? Pin umbel wur dermetar. Gwéro wilmamó, ar wan ma guler swobindó imo flembi eragordil wan robro erobwir ongembumi gum.

ho  ismendo emund-umb
IMP fear    baby-LOC

sildo-har swar rum wiri   gum bendwim-umb
sad-ADV   what PST happen now yesterday-LOC

ros         rasir  rum hengi bagin-ó   la-ró       imo  malur emund
young_woman pretty PST come  house-ALL 1PL.GEN-ALL PURP watch baby

sal         rum alf-rofi   emund lulibwemetar
3SG.ANIMATE PST CAUS-happy baby  maximally

sal         rum durndi sal-umb

rum sefro e-sefrond sal-ó           ir  eng           fangore
PST sing  PL-song   3SG.ANIMATE-ALL and 3PL.INANIMATE continue

gropar  emund rum tabi  sal         rum wigis sal
however baby  PST fight 3SG.ANIMATE PST shred 3SG.ANIMATE

rum ramunge sal         ir  sal         sarmbe omahar  ol-ó        bron<r>ang
PST devour  3SG.ANIMATE and 3SG.ANIMATE throw  remains outside-ALL window<GEN>

swar ar  bren   nar swar ar  bren   nar
what 1PL should do  what 1PL should do

pin umbel wur dermetar gwéro wilmam-ó
1SG know  NEG truly    thus  boiling-ALL

ar  wan ma  gul-er                 swobind-ó  imo  flembi

e-ragordil  wan robro e-robwir    ongembumi gum
PL-guardian FUT ask   PL-question annoying  now

Beware of the baby! O dear, what's happened? Yesterday, a pretty young girl came to our home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with it, sung songs for it, etc. But nevertheless, the baby attacked her, tore her into pieces, devoured her, and it threw the rest out the window. What to do, what to do? I really don't know. And so, for the time being, we keep the affair silent, in order to prevent the police from starting to ask annoying questions.

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